Koenders multi-purpose feed carts or chore carts simplifies your feeding operation. Use this feed or chore cart for cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry. Koenders carts will eliminate hard to handle wheel barrows or pails making your chore easier. Our feed carts are designed to fit in barn alleyways and carry large volumes. Feed cart tires roll easily over the rugged outdoor terrain and the castor wheel (front and back on 4-wheel cart) provide for excellent maneuverability in tight spots. Koenders feed carts are constructed of extremely durable polyethylene. Koenders polyethylene feed carts are lighter and much more durable than plywood, steel or fiberglass. All feed carts have a rounded inside for easy cleaning and a black one piece undercarriage that is waterproof and rustproof.

Feed Cart Option:
• 4 wheel design with standard undercarriage
• 4 wheel design with load cell - (shown below)

Feed Cart Features:
• 30" long x 20" wide x 20.5" deep molded polyethylene tub
Tub Capacity: 58 gallons, 6.5 bushel or 8.5 cubic feet
• #400 x 8” pneumatic stationary tires


Chore Carts


Koenders load cell feed cart is ideal for a precise feeding schedule and weighing young piglets. The feed cart unit comes with a clipboard and Reliable Scale Head.

Weigh Indicator Features (4 wheel feed carts with load cell):

. Equipped with a Reliable Scale Head Model #350
. Scale head has manual or auto zeroing
. Weigh in, or weigh out
. 6 digit LCD readout to 250 kilograms
. Weigh averaging/weight recording up to 1600 records
. Pound, or kilogram fractional programming
. Powered by rechargeable 12 volt, 4 Amp hour gelcell

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