New larger design, offers you way more inside room and seating area!

Insulated Plastic "Outback Ice Shacks" *New model for 2017*

Koenders heavy duty portable Ice Fishing Shack or Ice Hut will give you extra capacity in an ice fishing shelter or ice hut. The ice shack is made in one piece of molded polyethylene with molded in insulation. For towing your portable ice fishing shelter behind your snowmobile or ATV, it has a molded sled bottom design to ease the pull and built-in runners on the bottom of the ice shack. An optional heavy duty spring loaded hitch (*powercoated) is available for our ice fishing shacks.

Koenders Ice Fishing Shack are ready to go with no set-up time for instant fun. This ice fishing shelter offers all the features listed below. This portable ice fishing hut is tough and durable!
Install an optional wood or propane stove (below) to keep warm along with our many other ice fishing accessories.

Outback Plastic Shack


Insulated Ice Fishing Plastic Shack

"Outback" Insulated Plastic Ice Fishing Shack Features:

Our ice shacks comes with 4 pre-cut holes/covers 12” diameter (Catch Covers installed in all shacks)
Ice Shack Doors have double wall door with molded in hinges
Lockable door
Vents open and close
Opening window in ice shack door
Molded sled bottom design (four molded in runners) on bottom of ice shacks
The ice fishing shack floor is covered with plywood for safety and comfort
Opening window in ice shack door
Fits on the back of your truck with "U" bolts installed on the ice shack for tie down on your truck or on the ice
Black or hunter green shacks - specify on order

Ice Shack Dimensions:
95" L x 87" W x 82" High
Box fit: 95" L x 51.5" W
Seats: 90" L x 17" W x 18" H
Window: 1' x 1'
Door: 24" W x 63.5" H

(STOVES OPTIONAL - NOT INCLUDED) Wood or Propane Ice Fish Shack Stoves available

Plastic Ice Fishing Shack
Ice Shacks
Insulated Ice Shack


Propane Stove
(Regulator sold separately)
Wood Burning Stove
Stove Pipe Kit
Propan Ice Fishing Shack Stove Propane Stove Regulator Kits
Regulator Kit: Low Pressure Regulator and 60" Hose with Fittings
Wood Ice Shack Stove
3" Pipe Stove Kit

• 12,000 BTU's
• Safety Shut-Off
• AGA Approved Gas Valve

• 8" Tube Burner
• Made of 20 Gauge Steel
• Variable Heat Range
• Requires Venting
• 180 Day Warranty
• For Ice Fishing Shacks & Deer Blinds
Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 15"
Weight: 10 lbs

Includes: 3" stove pipe kit (3 - 24" pipe lengths, flashing,
collar and rain cap
Regulator Kit: low pressure regulator and 60" hose/fittings

• Burns Wood
• Made of 20 Gauge Steel
• Safety Drop Handles
• Exceptional Heat with Little Fuel
• Requires Venting
• Long Lasting
• 180 Day Warranty
• For Ice Fishing Shacks & Deer Blinds
Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 15"
Weight: 8.5 lbs

Includes: 3" stove pipe kit (3 - 24" pipe lengths, flashing,
collar and rain cap

3" Stove Pipe Kit
• (3) - 24" Stove Pipe Lengths, Flashing, Damper, Storm Collar and Rain Cap included


Ice Fishing Rod Holder Disc Mount

Disc Mounts for Rod Holders
Rattle Snake Reel Disc Mount
Disc Mounts for Rattle Reels

Multi-Flex Rod Holders - adjust to any angle. Pivoting rod cradle lets you see even the lightest strikes without a bobber. Rod is secure but easy to remove when a fish is on.Additional Wall Discs sold separately (2 per pack) allowing you to place your wall disc Rod Holders in multiple locations around your fish house.

Rattle Snake Reel. One turn equals one foot. Available with a wall-disc mount for hard sided fish houses or Ice Shacks.
Additional Wall Discs sold separately (2 per pack) allowing you to place your Rattle Snake Reel wall-disc mount in multiple locations around your fish house.


Fishing Hole Cover

Ice Hole Slush Bucket

These hole covers are the choice of nearly every hard sided ice fishing house manufacturer in the country because they last! The tight fit keeps snow, dirt, and road salt out of your fish house when traveling over the toughest roads. The super durable handle folds down flush and is easy to grab with gloved hands. Available with square frame.

Drill Your ice fishing hole and dump the shavings outside!
The Slush Bucket eliminates wet, slippery fish house floors. The slush bucket fits perfectly inside a Catch Cover hole and allows you to keep ice shavings off the floor. Super tough roto-molded construction for years of service. 18.5" w x 24.5" outside dia

Hole Screen - safety cover
4" & 9" Ice Hole Sleeve

Hole Safety Screen

This hole screen safety cover simply rests in the catch cover ring. Prevents things from falling into the holes. The vented design maintains airflow so the hole doesn't ice over as easy and you can fish with the hole screen on. 14" dia


Ice Fishing Hole Sleeves
4" & 9" & 18" (high) Ice Hole Sleeve - keeps air drafts out of your ice shack and your holes ice free. Sleeves fit into the catch cover rings. Top outside dia 14.25" and inner dia at top 11.25"

Koenders Manufacturing has been manufacturing and providing polyethylene products for 20 years. We offer our Ice Fishing Shack and accessories for your enjoyment.

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