Koenders has been manufacturing and providing polyethylene storage tanks, containers and drain pans for 20 years. Our line includes plastic tanks for water storage for house and commercial use and tanks suitable for storage or transportation of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and oilfield applications. We also have drain pans for our 150 gallon tank, an R.O. System drain pan and a 24" water heater drain pan.


For indoor water storage Koenders polyethylene plastic water tanks are ideal! This water storage tank is designed to fit through standard door openings. The light weight yet rugged construction of our water tanks means portability and versatility.

A special semi-translucent polyethylene enables the user to quickly check volume. The 150 gallon indoor poly water tank is free standing, molded with 3/4" pipe thread fittings for easy hookup.

The 8 inch screw type lid on the tank allows easy filling and a great seal to keep unwanted material out of your water.

150 Gallon Water Storage Tank Dimensions:
29.5" diameter x 66" high

More spill tray sizes shown on our Spill Containment Page

Water Tank Lid
House Water Tank

Drain Pan



Spill Drain Pan


Drain Pan
Spill Drain Pan
Spill Containment Tray
Spill Tray Pan 4060
Spill Tray 55x85
10" H x 36"
11" H x 41" W x 52" L
2.5" H x 26" W x 30" L
2" H x 24" diameter
3" H (42" W x 62.5" L)
Inside dia 39"x59"
9" H (55" W x 85" L)
Inside bottom dimensions 47"x78"


LOW PROFILE TANKS (160 Gal & 230 Gal)

• Tanks for storage & transportation, ideal where height is limited
Tanks are equiped with 8" screw type lid
Semi-translucent to quickly check the volume
Potable water
Tanks designed with deep ribbing for extra strength & to reduce sloshing
Available in either 160 or 230 gal tanks
160 gal: 46.5" wide x 81" long x 15.5" high
230 gal: 46.5" wide x 81" long x 20.5" high


Transport your new or used oil in our Oil Containment Tank. This tank is also suitable for storage or transportation of all liquids. This tank is equipped with an 8" screw type lid. A 2" bulk head will be supplied with the container. The tank is available in a white semi-translucent polyethylene plastic to enable the user to quickly check the volume. The tank will fit between the fender wells in trucks.
300 Gallon Containment Tank Dimensions:
42" high x 41" wide x 51" long.
Containment Tank


Call us for pricing on your requirements. We can provide a large variety of sizes of tanks and septic tanks. 1-877-581-8877

Koenders Manufacturing has been manufacturing and providing plastic storage tanks for 20 years. Our full line of plastic tanks for water storage and secondary containment tanks for chemical or oil storage will provide you with top quality polyethylene storage tanks suitable for a variety of needs. Our drain pans available in various sizes will provide efficient spill control.

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